You outsource your manufacturing, you outsource your warehousing, why not outsource your international sales function?
We can become the selling partner between your company and distributors or retailers.

As freelance International Sales Agents, we help businesses source, price and market their products internationally.

We are Business Development Specialists, with a diverse skill set. Over the years we have developed a strong database of over 8,000 contacts in the toy industry worldwide. We will promote your company, products and strategy to those contacts. We can cover territories that you may not have been able to break through yet or may take you longer to reach on your own.
We focus on Europe and the Asia Pacific region working with both distributors and retailers but are also working in other regions for some clients.
We cover all major trade fairs and showroom events in Hong Kong, China, Japan, Europe and US. For those events, preparation is key so we make appointments with qualified leads to visit your showroom or booth.
We are not only here to find new customers or open new territory but also to help you grow existing accounts in the exclusive territory we agree with you. We will develop and agree revenue growth plans with clients, drive activity and monitor performance on an ongoing basis. We work with our clients to develop a long-term strategy to enable lasting trading relationship with distributors and retailers.
We offer consulting to small and medium companies to put a range together. We can also help them with branding, pricing structure and sourcing.

Find out more about our approach, our experience, what other people think, or simply say hello.